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by ProfessorHavox : Feb 13, 2017 at 22u44


Our staff is pleased to announce you a new Havox Network. Our network has made a name for itself as a reliable and fun server network, providing fun additions to Minecraft and building a strong and enjoyable community. It is with the greatest pleasure and honour, that we announce the continuation of this tradition.

Not only have we added exclusive cutting edge gameplay content, we have also fine-tuned the classics we offered previously with the aim of making your Havox Experience more enjoyable. We aim to keep adding new content on a regular basis and to keep improving our state of the art gameplay.

Havox Network offers the following crazy entertaining content:

  • An all new Factions type game mode called Guilds
  • A Creative world where the only boundary is your imagination!
  • A full scale RuneScape adaptation, exclusive to Havox, that will blow you away!

We’ll see you soon on the server!

-Havox Staff




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